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The Method of Mobile Charger

1. Constant-voltage charging has different charging voltages according to different voltage levels. Therefore, it is not feasible for you to select chargers solely according to current magnitude. For example, a battery charger charges 5V batteries and cannot charge 12V or 6V batteries.
2. Silk current charging is also different according to different batteries. It is also called floating charging current. Its size is closely related to the capacity of batteries. For example, the normal charging current < constant current charging current > of the 10 000 mAh battery starting as an example may not be as large as the floating charging current of a larger capacity battery. The excessive constant current charging current is most likely to cause overcharge of the battery, thus affecting the service life of the battery and even destroying the battery. Because the basic protection of batteries is two: don't overcharge and don't consume too much electricity. Violation of these two rules may lead to capacity degradation if the battery is not damaged immediately.
3. Constant-current charging means that the charging current remains unchanged and the charging voltage rises approximately linearly. If charging directly with 0.1-0.2C current, even if no other accident occurs, the battery life will be shortened because of excessive heating during charging, so this is why constant-current charging starts with unchanged charging current. The reason for the nearly linear rise of charging voltage is actually to prolong and protect the service life of batteries.
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