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How does a lithium battery charger know if the battery is fully charged?

How does a lithium battery charger know whether the battery is fully charged? The lithium battery charger determines whether the charging is complete by detecting the charging current and voltage. Along with the overcharge protection of the mobile phone, ensure that your mobile phone's lithium battery will not overcharge. Therefore, it is important to buy a good quality lithium battery charger!

First, make sure that the lithium battery charger matches the appliance to be charged. Voltage matching and current matching. Voltage matching is very important. The current indicator of the charger determines the charging time. The higher the current indicator, the faster the charging speed;

The second is the more conventional judgment that the color of the indicator light on the charger or the lamp on the appliance changes from red to green, which indicates that it is full.

In addition, it is a bit professional, which is to measure the voltage of electrical appliances. The battery's power is different. The terminal voltage is different. The less the power, the lower the voltage. The lower limit to full charge is probably like this: For example, a lithium battery is used in the mobile phone, and the operating voltage range is 3.7 ~ 4.2V; it is assumed that the power is divided into three divisions: when the lithium battery voltage is 3.7 ~ 3.8V, the battery is empty, and the power alarm; At ~ 3.9V, one division;When the lithium battery voltage is measured from 3.9 to 4.1V, two grids are displayed; when the battery voltage is measured from 4.1 to 4.2V, the full grid is displayed.

A good quality charger will determine whether it is fully charged by detecting the voltage and current. However, if it is a low-quality charger, it is likely not to do so. It is completely charged by the overcurrent and overvoltage protection of the lithium battery itself. The battery will automatically cut off the current until it detects the overvoltage, and then tell you that the charging is complete.

Generally, the charger is a constant current charge. Smart lithium battery chargers usually take a while to determine if the battery has just been fully charged.

Lithium batteries can be judged directly based on the battery voltage. When the voltage exceeds the set cut-off voltage (generally 4.2V), the battery is considered to be fully charged; a more advanced charger uses a combination of voltage and current to judge. When the voltage is close to the cut-off voltage, it switches to constant voltage charging. When the current is less than a certain set value, the battery is considered to be fully charged.

The Angdi charger uses a smart chip, with a variety of protection functions, intelligent charging, full self-stop, no need to worry about overcharging. Angdi lithium battery charger, charging is more worry-free and safer.

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